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Why You Need an Outdoor Enclosure for Your Pet

There are many reasons why outdoor enclosures are a good investment. Pet enclosures can be built for houses, rental properties, apartments, condos and practically anywhere. Keep reading to learn more and please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Catscape is a business focused on enriching and improving the lives of animals.

Safe Outdoor Access

Allow pets to enjoy fresh air and scents on the breeze during the day or night and during the wind, snow or rain without worrying about their welfare and safety. Enclosures can be customized in unlimited sizes and configurations and designed for any type of pet including cats, dogs, ferrets, rabbits and guinea pigs. Catscape will install next to a wall, fence, on the ground or even indoors. Your enclosure can be freestanding or connected to your home via a pet door. And maybe best of all, enclosures can help prevent injuries or death caused by falls from heights.

Eliminate Fights or Unwanted Breeding

Pets, especially cats, with unlimited outdoor access have a high likelihood of getting into fights and sustaining injuries. Animals that are not neutered or spayed can breed, resulting in unwanted litters of kittens, puppies or other babies. Fighting can result in pain, disfigurement and expensive veterinary bills.

Protection from Predators

A predatory death of a pet can be devastating and traumatic. Survival of such attack can result in pain and suffering as well as huge veterinary bills. Coyotes, who are trying to compete for survival in a tough environment, are a threat to cats and small dogs. Cougars or mountain lions may be desperate and hungry enough to attack dogs on leashes with their owners present. Loose pets are at serious risk in many locations. Large owls, hawks and eagles can pose a threat, especially to kittens, puppies, cats and small dog breeds.

Protection from Environmental Toxins

There are many potential toxins in our neighbourhoods. A common hazard for pets running loose is antifreeze dripping from engines onto the pavement. This substance is attractive to most pets but deadly!

Protect Your Wildlife

Cats, and to a lesser degree dogs, can pose a serious threat to your native wildlife. Cats frequently prey on songbirds. It is no fault of their own as they do what comes naturally. It is our responsibility as pet owners to ensure this does not occur. Many birds who do escape, do not survive due to puncture wounds and other injuries. Catscape will enhance your pet’s quality of life without causing loss of life to native species.

Increase Lifespan

Studies show that indoor cats have a much longer lifespan on average than cats that are allowed to run free outside. An outdoor enclosure is an extension of the indoors. Some visits to the veterinarian are preventable. Too often, vets are called upon to treat wounds, infection or parasites caused by contact with other animals or machinery.

Traps & Other Deadly Devices

Pets, especially cats, commonly wind up inadvertently locked in garages, sheds and other buildings. Other times they find themselves in a truck heading away, in a hole or other hazardous locations. Traps are a horrible way to die and are typically set for fur-bearing species or at times by cruel individuals looking to catch cats and dogs.

Prevent Lost Pets

How often do pets go missing without a trace? Distraught families look everywhere and try everything to find them – usually to no avail. Cats in a shelter can be difficult to describe or identify correctly, even for an owner.

Fat Pets are Unhealthy

Indoor pets often don’t get as much exercise as they should. Overweight pets are often victims of diseases such as diabetes. Exercise is good for all of us.


Pets that roam regularly scavenge trash and prey on wildlife. This frequently results in parasites such as worms, fleas, mites and ticks. Internal parasites can be far more costly than just increasing your pet food bill.

Motor Vehicles are Deadly

Cars, trucks and other vehicles often inflict fatal injuries on pets. Whether hit while crossing roads or seeking warmth in the engine compartment, motor vehicles are the cause of many tragic losses of our beloved pets.

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