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Read Customer Reviews of Catscape

Read reviews from our customers to learn more about what Catscape can do for you and your pet. Our fully customized enclosures will keep your pets safe while improving their quality of life. If you have questions, please call or fill out our contact form.

The Answer to Our Dilemma

“My cat had just used up his eighth life. There was just no letting him out on his own anymore. The vet bills for the past year had reached $3000.00 because had had been “into something”. There had been three different cat fights he had instigated but the raccoon under the woodshed was the last straw. Luckily he did come out when I called him for even my 14 lb kitty would be no match for a mother raccoon! I phoned Beautiful World Living Environments and in no time John had an estimate and a plan for a cat enclosure uniquely designed for our back yard. I no longer have to worry about what he’s going to be up to every time I let him out. I was also really surprised at how well he adjusted to the enclosure. He loves the security of the highest level and the ability to view the yard from all angles. This was definitely the answer to our dilemma of keeping a cat who needs to be outside, safe, and healthy!”

- Sheila E., Saanich, BC

No More Worries about Bothering Neighbours or Getting Injured

“The fence is working perfectly and it is just fabulous not having to give any thought to my strange neighbour next door! Such a relief! They are completely safe and I no longer have any worries about them bothering my neighbour or getting injured outside.”

- Kim, North Saanich

Cats Are Safe & Happy

“John, Thank you so much for the “Tree House” for the cats. They are totally enjoying it. Every morning when I let them out of the house they head out to the “observation level” to check out what’s happening. Both Pablo and Mr. B go in on their own so they are obviously very comfortable and I can relax knowing that when I close the gate they are safe and happy. It has been a pleasure working with you.”

- Liz B., Central Saanich

Cats Enjoy the Great Outdoors in a Safe & Comfortable Enclosure

“After reading about Beautiful World Living Environments in the Times Colonist I realized that I had found the potential solution to keeping my cats safe from an increasingly busy roadway in front of my house. John came to my home and spent a generous amount of time ascertaining what I wanted and assessing the best location for an enclosure. My potential solution became a reality in a very short time and now my cats are enjoying the great outdoors from a safe and comfortable enclosure. I am very satisfied with the effort and caring that John put into my new enclosure and would gladly recommend his services. Thanks John!”

Laura L., Sooke, BC

Thanks Again for a Great Job

“Pan is loving his new quarters. Thanks again for doing such a great job. Can’t wait until he gets his new indoor quarters as well.”

- Julie H., Victoria, BC

Gives Our Cat Freedom & Keeps Him Busy

“Thank you John for the great work you have done with our cat’s enclosure. It was not a usual job and it took us a long time to decide what to do with our windows and to find the best location for it. I appreciate your patience, advice, and also your follow up afterwards. Zuke, our cat, is now enjoying his enclosure that gives him freedom to enjoy the outside world and keeps him busy while we are away from home. Thanks again John!”

- Rasha G., Vancouver, BC

High Quality, Secure & Visually Appealing Cat Enclosure

“John’s remarkable talent to create, with detail and precision, a high quality, secure and visually appealing cat enclosure has given my cat access to the outdoors at will, while providing me with the sense of knowing that she is safe, having fun and enjoying an improved quality of life. John is able to meet both the animal’s needs and the human requirements in the products he designs, and his enthusiastic and helpful manner leads me to, without hesitation, recommend John to anyone who wants to provide their indoor animal with a secure way of enjoying time outdoors.”

- Maureen G., Brentwood Bay, BC

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